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We know that a lot of people are put off ordering from abroad for various reasons. One of the main reason is cost of international shipping and then when the package gets to the UK it has further charges slapped on such as Customs, VAT and 'handling'.Take an order value of US $100: International Shipping (minimum) US $20 makes that US $120.  
This translates to approximately £80 (based on an exchange rate of US$1.5/£ - Jan 2012). Add 10% UK Customs Plus 20% VAT and around £12 for the UK courier handling charges brings it to around £117 !
Because we buy in bulk we are able to sell Aloe MP Plus for just £87 including postage & packaging.
Permanent  Price Reduction
 After many months of negotiating we have finally managed to buy at a reduced rate and we've cut our margins further to enable even more people to take advantage of this great product.
We are selling the Aloe MP Plus for just £77 for a months supply
  (inc postage & packaging)
Buy at the lowest price on the Net.


.Aloe MP Plus MUST NOT be used by recipients of organ Transplant (Liver, Kidney, Lung etc, Tissue, Bone Marrow or corneal Transplant). -- WARNING -- Doing so will most likely result in organ rejection!

People with synthetic replacement e.g. hip, knee, breast or pacemaker should not be affected.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then you are strongly advised NOT to take Aloe MP Plus as there is not enough research to indicate whether it is safe during these periods.